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voce::internal Namespace Reference

Contains things that should only be accessed within Voce. More...


void log (const std::string &msgType, const std::string &msg)
jmethodID loadJavaMethodID (const std::string &functionName, const std::string &functionSignature)


JNIEnv * gEnv = NULL
JavaVM * gJVM = NULL
jclass gClass = NULL
jmethodID gInitID = NULL
jmethodID gDestroyID = NULL
jmethodID gSynthesizeID = NULL
jmethodID gStopSynthesizingID = NULL
jmethodID gGetRecognizerQueueSizeID = NULL
jmethodID gPopRecognizedStringID = NULL
jmethodID gSetRecognizerEnabledID = NULL
jmethodID gIsRecognizerEnabledID = NULL
const std::string gClassName = "voce/SpeechInterface"

Detailed Description

Contains things that should only be accessed within Voce.

Function Documentation

jmethodID loadJavaMethodID const std::string &  functionName,
const std::string &  functionSignature

Finds and returns a method ID for the given function name and Java method signature.

Definition at line 89 of file voce.h.

References gClass, gEnv, and log().

Referenced by voce::init().

void log const std::string &  msgType,
const std::string &  msg

A simple message logging function. The message type gets printed before the actual message.

Definition at line 75 of file voce.h.

Referenced by voce::destroy(), voce::getRecognizerQueueSize(), voce::init(), voce::isRecognizerEnabled(), loadJavaMethodID(), voce::popRecognizedString(), voce::setRecognizerEnabled(), voce::stopSynthesizing(), and voce::synthesize().

Variable Documentation

jclass voce::internal::gClass = NULL

Global reference to the main Voce Java class.

Definition at line 57 of file voce.h.

Referenced by loadJavaMethodID().

const std::string voce::internal::gClassName = "voce/SpeechInterface"

The name of the main Voce Java class.

Definition at line 71 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gDestroyID = NULL

Definition at line 62 of file voce.h.

JNIEnv* voce::internal::gEnv = NULL

Global instance of the JNI environment.

Definition at line 51 of file voce.h.

Referenced by loadJavaMethodID().

jmethodID voce::internal::gGetRecognizerQueueSizeID = NULL

Definition at line 65 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gInitID = NULL

Global references to the various Java method IDs. Storing these saves lookup time later.

Definition at line 61 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gIsRecognizerEnabledID = NULL

Definition at line 68 of file voce.h.

JavaVM* voce::internal::gJVM = NULL

Global instance of the Java virtual machine.

Definition at line 54 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gPopRecognizedStringID = NULL

Definition at line 66 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gSetRecognizerEnabledID = NULL

Definition at line 67 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gStopSynthesizingID = NULL

Definition at line 64 of file voce.h.

jmethodID voce::internal::gSynthesizeID = NULL

Definition at line 63 of file voce.h.

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