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voce.SpeechInterface Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static void init (String vocePath, boolean initSynthesis, boolean initRecognition, String grammarPath, String grammarName)
static void destroy ()
static void synthesize (String message)
static void stopSynthesizing ()
static int getRecognizerQueueSize ()
static String popRecognizedString ()
static void setRecognizerEnabled (boolean e)
static boolean isRecognizerEnabled ()

Static Private Attributes

static SpeechSynthesizer mSynthesizer = null
static SpeechRecognizer mRecognizer = null

Detailed Description

A set of static methods that give users access to the main speech interaction components. These methods are the only ones exposed to other programming languages through the Java Native Interface.

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Member Function Documentation

static void voce.SpeechInterface.destroy  )  [static]

Destroys Voce.

Definition at line 91 of file

References voce.SpeechRecognizer.destroy(), voce.SpeechSynthesizer.destroy(), voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer, and voce.SpeechInterface.mSynthesizer.

static int voce.SpeechInterface.getRecognizerQueueSize  )  [static]

Returns the number of recognized strings currently in the recognizer's queue.

Definition at line 139 of file

References voce.SpeechRecognizer.getQueueSize(), and voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer.

static void voce.SpeechInterface.init String  vocePath,
boolean  initSynthesis,
boolean  initRecognition,
String  grammarPath,
String  grammarName

Initializes Voce. The 'vocePath' String specifies the path where Voce classes and config file can be found. 'initSynthesis' and 'initRecognition' enable these capabilities; if you don't need one or the other, not initializing it will save load time and memory (though the feature will be disabled, of course). 'grammarPath' is a relative or absolute path to one or more grammar files (all .gram files in 'grammarPath' will automatically be searched). 'grammarName' is the name of a specific grammar within a .gram file in the 'grammarPath'. If the 'grammarName' is empty, a simple default grammar will be used.

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References voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer, voce.SpeechInterface.mSynthesizer, and voce.SpeechInterface.setRecognizerEnabled().

static boolean voce.SpeechInterface.isRecognizerEnabled  )  [static]

Returns true if the recognizer is currently enabled.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.isEnabled(), and voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer.

static String voce.SpeechInterface.popRecognizedString  )  [static]

Returns and removes the oldest recognized string from the recognizer's queue.

Definition at line 154 of file

References voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.popString().

static void voce.SpeechInterface.setRecognizerEnabled boolean  e  )  [static]

Enables and disables the speech recognizer.

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References voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled().

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.init().

static void voce.SpeechInterface.stopSynthesizing  )  [static]

Tells the speech synthesizer to stop synthesizing. This cancels all pending messages.

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References voce.SpeechInterface.mSynthesizer, and voce.SpeechSynthesizer.stopSynthesizing().

static void voce.SpeechInterface.synthesize String  message  )  [static]

Requests that the given string be synthesized as soon as possible.

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References voce.SpeechInterface.mSynthesizer, and voce.SpeechSynthesizer.synthesize().

Member Data Documentation

SpeechRecognizer voce.SpeechInterface.mRecognizer = null [static, private]

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Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.destroy(), voce.SpeechInterface.getRecognizerQueueSize(), voce.SpeechInterface.init(), voce.SpeechInterface.isRecognizerEnabled(), voce.SpeechInterface.popRecognizedString(), and voce.SpeechInterface.setRecognizerEnabled().

SpeechSynthesizer voce.SpeechInterface.mSynthesizer = null [static, private]

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Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.destroy(), voce.SpeechInterface.init(), voce.SpeechInterface.stopSynthesizing(), and voce.SpeechInterface.synthesize().

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