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voce.SpeechRecognizer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SpeechRecognizer (String configFilename, String grammarPath, String grammarName)
void run ()
int getQueueSize ()
String popString ()
void setEnabled (boolean e)
boolean isEnabled ()
void destroy ()

Private Attributes

Recognizer mRecognizer = null
Microphone mMicrophone = null
volatile Thread mRecognitionThread = null
boolean mRecognitionThreadRunning = false
LinkedList< String > mRecognizedStringQueue

Detailed Description

Handles all speech recognition (i.e. speech-to-text) functions. Uses a separate thread for recognition. Maintains an internal queue of recognized strings.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

voce.SpeechRecognizer.SpeechRecognizer String  configFilename,
String  grammarPath,
String  grammarName

Constructs and initializes the speech recognizer. 'grammarPath' can be a relative or absolute path. 'grammarName' is the name of a grammar within a .gram file in the 'grammarPath' (all .gram files in 'grammarPath' will automatically be searched). If the 'grammarName' is empty, no grammar will be used.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.mMicrophone, voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizedStringQueue, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizer.

Member Function Documentation

void voce.SpeechRecognizer.destroy  ) 

Deallocates speech recognizer.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizer, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled().

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.destroy().

int voce.SpeechRecognizer.getQueueSize  ) 

Returns the number of recognized strings currently in the recognized string queue.

Definition at line 152 of file

References voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizedStringQueue.

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.getRecognizerQueueSize(), and voce.SpeechRecognizer.popString().

boolean voce.SpeechRecognizer.isEnabled  ) 

Returns true if the recognizer is currently enabled.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.mMicrophone.

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.isRecognizerEnabled().

String voce.SpeechRecognizer.popString  ) 

Returns and removes the oldest recognized string from the recognized string queue. Returns an empty string if the queue is empty.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.getQueueSize(), and voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizedStringQueue.

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.popRecognizedString().

void  ) 

Contains the main processing to be done by the recognition thread. Called indirectly after 'start' is called.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.mMicrophone, voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognitionThread, voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognitionThreadRunning, voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizedStringQueue, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizer.

void voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled boolean  e  ) 

Enables and disables the speech recognizer. Starts and stops the speech recognition thread.

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References voce.SpeechRecognizer.mMicrophone, voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognitionThread, voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognitionThreadRunning, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizedStringQueue.

Referenced by voce.SpeechRecognizer.destroy(), and voce.SpeechInterface.setRecognizerEnabled().

Member Data Documentation

Microphone voce.SpeechRecognizer.mMicrophone = null [private]

The Microphone instance.

Definition at line 48 of file

Referenced by voce.SpeechRecognizer.isEnabled(),, voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled(), and voce.SpeechRecognizer.SpeechRecognizer().

volatile Thread voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognitionThread = null [private]

The thread used for speech recognition. This is necessary to avoid making applications wait for recognition to finish.

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Referenced by, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled().

boolean voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognitionThreadRunning = false [private]

A boolean that tracks whether the recognition thread is running.

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Referenced by, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled().

LinkedList<String> voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizedStringQueue [private]

A queue of the recognized strings.

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Referenced by voce.SpeechRecognizer.getQueueSize(), voce.SpeechRecognizer.popString(),, voce.SpeechRecognizer.setEnabled(), and voce.SpeechRecognizer.SpeechRecognizer().

Recognizer voce.SpeechRecognizer.mRecognizer = null [private]

The speech Recognizer instance.

Definition at line 45 of file

Referenced by voce.SpeechRecognizer.destroy(),, and voce.SpeechRecognizer.SpeechRecognizer().

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