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voce.SpeechSynthesizer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SpeechSynthesizer (String name)
void destroy ()
void synthesize (String message)
void stopSynthesizing ()

Private Attributes

Synthesizer mSynthesizer = null

Detailed Description

Handles all speech synthesis (i.e. text-to-speech) functions.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

voce.SpeechSynthesizer.SpeechSynthesizer String  name  ) 

Constructs and initializes the speech synthesizer.

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References voce.SpeechSynthesizer.mSynthesizer, and voce.SpeechSynthesizer.synthesize().

Member Function Documentation

void voce.SpeechSynthesizer.destroy  ) 

Deallocates voice synthesizer.

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References voce.SpeechSynthesizer.mSynthesizer.

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.destroy().

void voce.SpeechSynthesizer.stopSynthesizing  ) 

Stops synthesizing the current message and removes all pending messages from the queue.

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References voce.SpeechSynthesizer.mSynthesizer.

Referenced by voce.SpeechInterface.stopSynthesizing().

void voce.SpeechSynthesizer.synthesize String  message  ) 

Adds a message to the synthesizer's queue and synthesize it as soon as it reaches the front of the queue.

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References voce.SpeechSynthesizer.mSynthesizer.

Referenced by voce.SpeechSynthesizer.SpeechSynthesizer(), and voce.SpeechInterface.synthesize().

Member Data Documentation

Synthesizer voce.SpeechSynthesizer.mSynthesizer = null [private]

The speech Synthesizer instance.

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Referenced by voce.SpeechSynthesizer.destroy(), voce.SpeechSynthesizer.SpeechSynthesizer(), voce.SpeechSynthesizer.stopSynthesizing(), and voce.SpeechSynthesizer.synthesize().

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